Kelly Isaac

Teacher, Wife, Mother, actress,writer, poet all things arty. For blog posts and poems click the menu on the top right hand side.

40th Birthday and I don’t look a day over 32 (I wish)

About me

Growing up in the 80s, teenage rebellion in the 90s and a teacher in the 00s Teenage mum, high school drop out. Turning the tables on the notion of stratification.

About Me

After becoming a mum and realising as a single teenage mum with no aspirations or qualifications I needed to change that.

I was raised to believe my love of performing was ‘showing off’ six years of studying performing arts /drama I was training to become a performing arts teacher. This was following GCSES, grade 8 Lamda, performing arts Btec, graduating with honours in drama, after 16 years as a full time teacher and directing, several small and large performances each year. I was made redundant.

My identity crumbled before me. Having my identity wrapped up in being a mum to my three girls, wife, teacher and Christian. I didn’t seem to know who I was without a label.

So I began the journey of self discovery. I found my biological father – it is a miraculous story – check out my blog post ‘What a Summer

I continue to teach part time, began acting again, enrolled to do my masters in mental health. Then I found my love of writing. I had always written poetry and prose, scripts and stories but now I had the confidence to move forward with my passion for writing.

This Blog varies in tone and topic, some of the more emotive posts are tackling mental health and well-being, particularly from the perspective of a teacher. However the wonderful thing about life is that we are all different but also what we need is different day to day. So explore my site.


I am currently writing scripts, a book and poetry. So keeping myself very busy. Also I am writing academically as I now writing my dissertation. An interpretative phenomenological analysis on teacher retention. So hopefully I will have an MSc by the end of the academic year. Not bad for someone without a GCSE on science (I wonder if they realised this when I was offered an unconditional offer to study )


Nothing can beat the feeling of receiving an out of the blue message that thanks me for helping someone grow in confidence, develop transferable skills and follow their dreams. My students may forget the nuances of what I taught them. I hope they never forget how they felt when they stepped off the stage after nailing a performance. I am proud to be a Performing Arts teacher and know teaching secondary drama is a privileged role.

Mum and Wife

I am a mum to three girls, all completely different, all talented in music. With passion for musical theatre, science and art. I am the proudest mamma bear ever. I may be low maintenance as a wife but I sure am loud, politically motivated and often ranting for social justice.


I am a silver enthusiast as in I love jewellery and can often be found searching the beach for Sea-glass, or showing off my latest silver/ silver and glass creations. Seaham is my favouite beach and I love a weekend away in Seaham- staying at No: 16 and sea glass collecting.

I am so much more than can be contained under a heading or within a category. As are you.

All poems penned by ‘Kelly Isaac’ are my own intellectual property

All views are my own and are not reflective of my place of study, worship, family or work.

Eskimo Soup.

I have recently started working for the most amazing company, whose work aligns with all I want to achieve when working with young people. I am the youth engagement officer so I am creating resources for schools to use, delivering workshops in schools and so so so so much varied projects. Last week alone I was involved with a HPV video, Child Sexual Exploitation resources, signed up for a training session with Hull council to enable me to deliver stopping smoking workshops in schools, script writing, working with young people, planning some very challenging but exciting projects. Making coffee, footing ladders and eating enchiladas. I absolutely love it there. I genuinely believe god has placed me there to make a difference and I know the company make a huge difference to the local area – I hope to be able to enable a wider reach and engagement with our vulnerable / not so vulnerable young people.

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